4/21/2023 - New Orleans Magazine
Channeling James Booker: Bill Malchow at the Maple Leaf

My April 13th show at the Maple Leaf Back Bar received a nice write up in New Orleans Magazine. "Being in the presence of those who can make a piano sound like a smile brings sunshine too, even on dark days."

Thank you Errol Laborde!   You can read it here.

Bill Malchow at Maple Leaf

4/20/2023 - Rory Danger Pics

I had a blast being back in New Orleans for the 2023 French Quarter Fest.  I hadn't been back since 2019!  Here is a nice write up from Jay Mazza on Sunday's Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers performance.   What a special town! 


2/15/2023 - Fat Tuesday in Brooklyn

Hi All, 

 I've been having a great time playing St Mazie Bar & Super Club in Williamsburg. Good food and a gourgeous room.  So I'm uper excited to hold the "Krewe of Wig" Mardi Gras party and wig contest there this year.    Wigs are optional but strongly encouraged.  There will be NOLA flavors and libations on hand along with music by Bill Malchow and the Go Cup All Stars. Hope you can make it out!  We start at 7:30.  Reserve a table HERE


4/26/2022 - A Taste of Dr John's Gumbo 50th Anniversary Celebration

Gig promo

Well Part 2 of the previous post on Dr John's Gumbo is I will be performing it all live in New Orleans on Wed May 4 between the jazzfest weekends.   It will take place at a new to me venue/brewery called Zony Mash Beer Project.   A shout out to the owner, Adam, who is very supportive of live music over there and encouaged me to do it up.  The pics of the venue look great and the feedback I’ve gotten from local musicians has been A+.  

This gig started with Will Bernard and I looking to do a “duo gig or something” on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Zony Mash expressed some interest and it just snowballed into this.  Once I figured out it was the 50th Anniversary (4/20/92) of it's release I knew I had to ask the original drummer Freddie Staehle to join us.  I'm glad I did. He's 78 and still pulling 8 hour doubles on Bourbon Street without breaking a sweat.  He's super kind and put up with all my super geeky fan type questions.   He was also the drummer on Dr John's grammy winning CD Going Back To New Orleans. That one is from 1992 so even that one is 30 years old!

Joining Will Bernard (guitar) and I will be the highly regarded bassist James Singleton, my old buddy from his Katrina NYC days Simon Lott (drums/percusion),  Lee Allen expert Jason Mingledorf on tenor sax, the coolest cat and old brunch gig mate Joe Cabral on bari sax, and my old first call New Orleans trumpet player and friend Ian Smith.  

I'm tempted to add more folks! But I'm over budget. Buy some tickets and make me change my mind. Ha. Really looking forward to this. I’m glad jazzfest is back!

Here is the event brite ticket link.

Here is the venue page.

Here is the facebook event.



4/19/2022 - Dr John's Gumbo turns 50!
This Dr. John album turns 50 tomorrow. Rolling Stone has it listed at #404 all time. It's one of my top 5 favorites. The piano is so good, Strong evolving grooves and flowery introductions. I pretty much learned all of it. The Lee Allen sax solo's are melodic, economic, compact and mesmerizing. I love Freddy Flambeaux Staehle's drum introduction on Junko Partner. 
Probably my first exposure to second line anything. I get the sense it is studied by a lot of drummers cause whenever I call that tune, that's the groove most drummers start to play.
The record is a gateway to New Orleans R&B. I dug this so I dug deeper. Check it out and play it for your children

5/18/2021 - 1:1 Concerts were all that!

Wow, So thankful to BAM, Silkroad Ensemble, The Brooklyn Navy Yard, and the audience for making my experience performing for the 1:1 Concerts so memorable.   It has been a long frustrating pandemic for all of us and these concerts were really a shot in the arm.  I performed in Building 77 on an unfinished 15th floor.  Bare dusty concrete, exposed mechanicals, and amazing view of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge.  After the audience member was seated I would choose something to play on the beautiful upright piano. I mixed up set pieces, original, standards, and pure improvisation.  The BAM production staff made me feel like an all star and even forwarded me some moving thank you notes from the audience.   An amazing experience!

BAM 1:1 Concerts piano


5/01/2021 - BAM/Silkroad Ensemble 1:1 Concerts

I'm very happy to announce I will be taking part in the Brooklyn Academy of Music's 1:1 Concert series! This event is programmed by the Silkroad Ensemble and will take place at the Brooklyn Navy Yard May 7 - May 16, 2021.  The premisie is one performer will play a 15 minute concert for one audience member at unique sites throughout the Yard.  

My performances will be May 9 and May 15th. For more information visit the event home page HERE.


1/26/2021 - Live at the Soapbox Gallery

I am excited to be bringing a trio to the Soapbox Gallery in Brooklyn. NY this Friday January 29! They have a beautiful grand piano! and have played a big part in keeping NYC's music scene alive throughout the pandemic. Thank you!

Joining me will be Paul Socolow  on bass and Diego Voglino drums.  

We will be perform a 1 hour set starting at 8pm diving into some New Orleans and New York inspired material. Tickets are available in a pay what you can afford format. $10-$100. We are all reliant on you generosity in these hard times. There are several ways to purchase tickets if you’re not familiar with any of these services click on the top one.




Artitsts don't sustain life, they make it bearable. 

4/13/2019 - French Quarter Fest Debut

So today Bill Malchow and the Go Cup All Stars make our French Quarter Fest debut! 

Bill Malchow and the Go Cup All Stars 
French Quarter Fest the Jack Daniels Stage  (JAX Brewery)
3:45 - 5:10pm

Come by and cheer me on.  Joining me is 

John Fohl - guitar
Josh Paxton - organ
Jason Mingledorff - sax
Mike Kobrin - trumpet
Eric Vogel - bass
Carlo Nuccio - Drums

2/25/2018 - My Composition Degree Recital March 2, 2018 7pm


I return to New Orleans to present my Composition Degree Recital!!  March 2!  7pm in the Recital Hall of the Performing Arts Building at the University of New Orleans.   I'm quite excited to present my string quartet that I have written for my thesis. It will be performed by polymnia string quartet .  Also, vocalist, Antoine Diel. and LPO Percussionist, Jacob Powers, will join members of the quartet in an EE Cummings inspired composition.  There will be some piano too!

For some more information CLICK HERE

5/25/2017 - Back to Brooklyn

Good People,
Rachael, Buster and I have moved back to Brooklyn, NY. Our seven years in New Orleans have been a wonderful mix of old and new friends, great music, parades and food. We will miss New Orleans greatly. We plan to visit and perform regularly. (like July 28 at Tipitina's!) We are excited to be back in NYC and reconnect with some old friends and colleagues. Buster and I have been here about a week. He is a bit confused about the lack of grass and I have already scored two parking tickets (one is not my fault). Back to unpacking!